What is this place?

Welcome to The Pygmy Giant.

Make yourself at home.

The Pygmy Giant is an online home for UK flash fiction and non-fiction under 800 words. We aim to publish something new on the site each Monday and Thursday.

Why just British stuff? Because flash fiction on the web is dominated by our American cousins, and while that’s not a terrible thing, we want to give up-and-coming voices from the UK a chance to be heard.

Why The Pygmy Giant? Hey, all good short short fiction should have a big big personality. It only looks small on the outside…

To submit something, please have a squiz at the write page. Otherwise, kick back, read, enjoy, and tell the writers what you think.


The Pygmy Giant is run and edited for love, not money, by some friendly Bristolians and a Geordie called Sarah Dawkins, Mel George and Tom Carlisle.

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