Internet fail

Dear all, the editors have managed to find themselves without internet and will be thus for a couple more weeks. Boo.

Also we had a nice summer holiday and forgot to tell you.

We thought we’d be back in September but it’s all gone wrong (thanks, internet).

So please bear with us again and we will be back in due course! Sorry to everyone waiting ages for a reply to their emails…

Until soon,

The editors.

  1. #1 by Michael J McGowan on October 4, 2014 - 3:07 pm

    Internet fail is in my view a brilliant piece of flash fiction. The exposition hints at what is to come in the last sentence – ‘Until soon’. After that you are on a roller coaster of a journey involving internet conspiracy, heckling, there was even a bear at one point and as in every good plot there was a misunderstanding. Unfortunately there were no flaming Gypsies so my wife dipped out after sentence four. This is a true master class in brevity whilst delivering a fast paced plot. Every word counts and by the end of the piece the reader is left in no doubt the author (the editors) will indeed Hasta pronto. There’s even a sub text which reveals that there was a nice summer holiday and all done in fewer than 80 words.

    Joking aside I hope you get back online soon. I have just started writing short stories and flash fiction and found Pygmy Giant to be both enthralling and mentor like in its presentation. I’ve read most of the submissions now as well as the feedback and the learning curve, although steep has been priceless.

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