Care Coordinator

by Danielle Morgan

Anne says that she used to live in London, she asks if she can come and visit me when I’m better. Anne met her husband in London, she says they went to a lot of parties. Anne is going to be a grandmother in a month’s time, Anne says she’s completely ready to be a grandmother. Anne came up to visit me once in Putney, she kept the tube ticket so she could claim it back, she said I was a success story, it didn’t feel like that when she left but I think it’s true now. Anne’s hero at university was Che Gavara, she said she went on many protests at university, she said Che Gavara was very lovely looking, she had his poster on her wall. Anne and I met in a cafe once, she tried to pay for the coffee but I insisted I got it even though she could claim it.

When I first met Anne she scared me, I couldn’t work out why she was filling in forms on different coloured paper, I was suspicious of her. Anne looked very knowing and I wondered what she knew. I gave Anne a hug once.

Anne said ‘I think you should have been told you were loved more often when you were little’. I thought the world of Anne.

  1. #1 by Linda on February 18, 2014 - 10:20 am

    So much explained in so few words… brilliant!

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