Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Time for some festive apologies – the editors have both changed their schedules recently which has rather disrupted the TPG system. Apologies for the huge delay in responding to submissions in the last couple of months and the sporadic publishing too. New Year’s resolutions will be made – thanks for bearing with us as we try to resume a more efficient TPG service in the New Year. There are some cracking pieces lined up for the rest of December, though, so remember to visit over the holidays!

Now, in the absence of anything else Christmassy in the inbox, here’s an offering from a couple of years ago. Have a great Christmas, dear readers and writers, love from The Pygmy Giant.

The Party Crasher

by Mel George

While tatty shepherds genuflect
there is another, I suspect,
who came to see the King.

Uninvited, but expected.
The angels from whom he defected
kept an eye on him.

This prince crept over, peered in,
and grinned a disbelieving grin
at what the fool had done.

Born as a human? What a joke!
He would destroy him in a stroke –
the battle finally won.

‘I never thought you’d be this dim.
You’ve come in stinking human skin?
You must know you will die.’

But fear came on him as the child
met his gaze and slowly smiled,
and wouldn’t tell him why.

Mel George wishes you a very Merry Christmas.

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