Time Well Spent

by Gerry Howell

Benjamin Lidl was languishing in a videostore in Milton Keynes when he came across an ad in the local paper for volunteers to take part in a time-travelling experiment. It was being conducted by an American scientist named Bud Quark who had apparently set off from Houston, Texas in the year 2050 and ended up, due to a technical fault, crash-landing in Leighton Buzzard in the spring of 2012.

Benjamin Lidl called the number in the adand after a surprisingly brief telephone interview, Bud Quark invited him to participate in an experiment taking place the very next day. The experiment was a roaring success and Benjamin was sent flying forward in time into the middle of the following week.

Benjamin returned to work and found that he no longer had a job because he’d been away for a week without telling anyone where he was.

“But I’ve been time-travelling with Bud Quark!” exclaimed Benjamin.

“You’ve been watching too many movies,”said Benjamin’s boss.

“But I work in a video store in Milton Keynes,” said Benjamin.

“Not any more you don’t,” said his boss.

Downcast, Benjamin Lidl left the videostore; he was now jobless and thanks to Bud Quark, he’d also lost a week of his life that he was never going to get back.

Or was he…?

Gerry Howell is an actor, writer and comedian. He lives mostly in London, sometimes on the North York Moors.

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