by Elin Lewis

If I can cast away the curtains
And fling the windows wide,
And let wind waft weary cobwebs
’Til they impact and collide,
If I can disrupt the dullness
And trouble up the trite,
Begin to bother blandness
And give the boring bite,
If I can agitate apathy
And arouse the un-alert,
Intrude on the insipid
And invigorate inert,
If I can inflame the flavourless
And stir up incessant same,
Create character in the colourless
And interrupt the tame,
If I can dance away the dreary,
Rewrite the relentless refrain,
Harmonize in the humdrum
And music the mundane,
If I can scribble on dusty pages
A story worth being told,
And colour a greying canvas
A thousand shades of gold,
If I can dare to be distinctive
And that daring makes you smile,
Then I’ve disturbed dull indifference,
And I can deem my day worthwhile.

  1. #1 by John D. Ritchie on September 7, 2012 - 9:29 am

    This is very good. While the rhythm inevitably invokes Kipling’s ‘If’, this none the less stands on it own merits. Well done.


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