Prepare for National Flash Fiction Day!

Happy May, folks.

It may somehow have escaped your attention that this year a UK-wide National Flash Fiction Day is happening on 16 May.

There is LOADS of stuff going on around the country – check out the website at the hub of it here.

You should get involved. The good news is that there’s a chance for you to do so as part of The Pygmy Giant!

QUICK! We’re running a competition right now in celebration.

Form: Flash fiction, of course – 800 word limit

Theme: Include the word and concept of ‘flash’ in some way. Any kind of flash.

Deadline: Monday 14 May, 5pm. Be quick as a flash!

Prize: Immortal glory on Flash Fiction Day itself, when your work will be displayed on this site.

Send your entries to with the subject line “Flash competition”. (No attachments please.)

Flash responsibly.

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