November, remember?

Hello there readers,

Welcome to November, my personal fave month of the year, as long as the rain keeps off. Partly because autumn is a season that Great Britain does with expert confidence. Summer, not so much. But autumn? It really knows how to do autumn. Here are some recommendations for enjoying November:

1) Have a leaf-fight with a childish friend

2) Wrap up warm, go up a hill and watch a beautiful sunset

3) Burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes. Or at least go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’

4) Cook a barbecue in fingerless gloves (this has proved less than popular with my friends, to be fair)

5) Sit somewhere warm and read The Pygmy Giant

Oh-ho, yes! Kicking off this month we have more poetry from Elin Lewis and another story from new boy Tom Remer Williams, as well as lots of other new stuff… Sarah and I will also be picking some more of our all-time favourite pieces of work from the archives (over there, on the right). So, come back tomorrow and enjoy lovely, frosty, smokey, crunchy November.

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