The Week

by Emma Rozanski

On Monday she bought a dress. A blue dress two sizes too small, knowing that she would grow into it. On Tuesday he wrote her a poem, but before she could read it the ink ran away in tears. On Wednesday she saw into the neighbour’s backyard for the first time. They sunbathed nude now that there was no shade from the tree. They forget that their world was one of instant gratification and two hours later their lives were on the internet. On Thursday she hid under the sheets and imagined a hotel in Paris. Where she could smoke and it would taste like sex and wine. But she couldn’t breathe after half an hour so she went to the shops to buy some chocolate. On Friday she returned the blue dress and bought some shoes to match his height. Later that night the heels proved their worth as she pierced his foot and his ego. On Saturday she took out her savings and exchanged them for the best rate that day. She bought a ticket to match the currency, and on Sunday she was there.

Emma Rozanski is a UK-based writer and filmmaker from Australia who loves to photograph scaffolding.

  1. #1 by eye2deal on September 19, 2010 - 10:19 am

    Feels like a poem to me, internal rhymes abound…love it

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