Forty Years Later

by Georgia Varjas

Never forget the shot.
Barren landscape
city desert
righteous khakis one side
raggy rebels the other.
Slogans against guns
Tanks against homes
Truth versus Troubles
Get the gist?
Fist and bone
Rifle and shield.

Remember the boys
shot in the back
cowboy style
killers in uniform
sharp tongued
forked tongue
toffee sound.
Lying and denying
their presence on the ground
down in Derry’s Bogside
where fourteen died.

Lord Widgery, dodgy head in a wig
puffed up his feathers
pointed his fingers
at weapon clad cadavers.
Today slammed and damned
didn’t help the boys who died
the mothers who cried, the soldiers that lied
sat on the sofa with wife and kids
admiring medals in the Hall of Fame
no shame or blame, each a letter of the alphabet.
The justice game.

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