Be that as it May

Ahh, May! Spring is here making everyone feel chipper, the morris dancers are out in force, and in my town, the residents will be marking the beginning of their favourite month by throwing themselves off a bridge into a few inches of water at 5am. The only people who hate May around here are the staff at A&E.

In honour of this decidedly odd month, we think it’s high time for another random Pygmy Giant competition. Go and join our Facebook group if you haven’t already, so that you can take part in forming the rules.

Other things to add are that we’re trying to make the site a bit more navigable – see if the new options on the left help you find your way around. If it’s still not great, we’ll see what else we can do without having to go back through and recategorise hundreds of posts… And also, thanks for your patience (in most cases) as we’ve waded through the backlog of emails caused by our February off. We’re now onto the March emails, hurray! So hang on in there… We have been very excited to find some really truly brilliant little works of fiction buried under the piles of virtual paperwork. Thanks!

Enjoy May, with bells on,

Mel and Sarah.

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