Back to (s)c(h)ool

Right you lot, it’s September, and even though you haven’t been to school for years (decades?) you are still groaning inwardly about getting back to the grind after the summer. Even though we didn’t really have a summer.

Well, quit your whining – pretend it’s the summer now and embrace September, because there’s lots of great writing in our inbox for you to enjoy this month.

As for the competition…

The standard of entries was so high that we are going to award a second and third prize as well. When I say prize, I mean what our amazing history teacher used to call ‘the prize of intellectual satisfaction’. You can’t put a price on that.

So, we will announce third place on 7th, second place on 8th, and the winner of the competition on 9th. Get ready for some pretty amazing interpretations of Beside the Friendly Potato.

Yours ever, Mel & Sarah

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