Definitely May

Dear gang,

I wish you a Happy May as only an Oxfordian can. It’s pretty hard to dodge the morris dancers at this time of year. It does add an extra element to your trip to Tescos, I’ll grant you.

The art of ‘Maying’ seems to involve small children skipping around a pole, grown men with beards waving hankies at each other, and singing ‘fa la la la la,’ and other songs with no discernable lyrics. So when the jingling of little bells get too much, do stop by The Pygmy Giant. It’ll be a good month. With bells on. Oops.

We’ve got a couple of returning (and very good) poets gracing our pages, along with a bucket load of new flash fiction writers, and more from the talented Nick Allen, Chris Clark and Helen Holmes.

Next month I might do a roundup of all the hilarous search engine terms that accidentally get people here. My favourite so far is an astonishing number of people looking for a recipe for hassleback potatoes. Thank you Emma J. Lannie for introducing countless frustrated cooks to The Pygmy Giant. I’ll thank you, because they probably won’t.


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