occupational hazard

by The Busker – as told to Mel George

That’s man’s a musician;
I can tell.
Want to know how?
It’s because he walks with a

Yeah, you mark my words,
You spend long enough as a street musician
You get a
No, no, I’m serious,
Really, I swear.

Oh, it’s because a note,
A note, well, a note is
A note’s a note; you cannot construct it. It’s pure,
And her majesty,
Well, her majesty,
She doesn’t like that.

Queen Victoria, let’s say,
Her majesty can’t handle it.
She won’t have it, and you end up
With a

Even though she’s dead now,
Queen Victoria,
She’ll make sure –
You spend long enough as a street musician
And you’ll be like that chap.

It’s true, I can spot ‘em. Mark my words.
Every musician
Has a

Mel George
is not sure whether this is profound or nonsense, but enjoyed hearing it nonetheless.

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