Valentine’s Competition Winner

Congratulations to Fran, who is the winner of February’s competition!

We wanted you to write a piece under 300 words including the following words:

* Cupid
* Roses
* Honey
* Chocolate
* Anonymous

We very much enjoyed this poem, and hope you do too.


The Valentine Rhyme

by Fran Hamilton

You asked if I’d be your clementine.
I didn’t know how to respond.
I feared you thought I looked waxy.
I feared you thought I was round.

But then the truth began to sink in
As you stared with your eager eyes:
You wanted to peel off all my skin;
Your love was just a disguise.

There must be some kind of compromise?

I offered you honey and chocolate galore;
Cadbury’s Roses, bought from the store.

But you wouldn’t desist.
I started to panic.
I had no desire
To sit in your stomach.

An anonymous gent was called into help.
“She’s going to eat me!” I cried with a yelp.

“I don’t believe you quite got my gist.
I said Valentine!” you flatly insist.

You may think I’m stupid, but I would blame cupid.
If he was aiming for me then he missed.

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