February Editorial

Happy February to all at The Pygmy Giant! I hope you are looking forward to not only the shortest month of the year, but one which contains such excitement as Groundhog Day, Presidents Day and Kuwait Liberation Day. February 27th was apparently known prior to the 1940s as ‘Kissing Day’- a day when a boy could choose any girl he wanted and claim a kiss. If the girl refused, he was free to ‘pinch her posterior’- an activity known as grousing. Now don’t you feel enlightened?

But enough of the mindless chatter – the editors feel it’s time for another competition. The theme this time is ‘Valentine’. Predictable? Not exactly. After the success of a prior competition where you had to include certain words within your story or poem, we want you to write a piece under 300 words not about romance, but including the following:

* Cupid
* Roses
* Honey
* Chocolate
* Anonymous

The more inventive and/or amusing the better! You have until the end of the month, so thinking caps on. Some sort of interesting prize will be declared at a later date!

And with that, I shall leave you with an Old Wives’ Tale which I hope will prove to be true:

‘If February gives much snow,
A fine summer it doth foreshow’


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