Hiding from the nuns

by Jessica Patient

Melissa pushed another sheet of toilet paper under the gap and into the next toilet cubicle. Muttering a prayer of reassurance under her breath wasn’t enough. It probably didn’t help that she didn’t believe in God. The Nuns had seen to that fact.

“Surely the minute must be up,” Melissa finally said, wanting to leave the out-of-bounds lavatories before the decorators came back to found two girls who had side-stepped the ‘keep out’ and ‘wet paint’ signs.

There was a deep sigh, then gentle sobbing.

Melissa burst out of her freshly painted, virgin white cubicle and knocked her fist on the graffiti-stained door. Scribbled notes of out-of-date crushes, penis doodles and insulting expletives covered partition walls. Heidi peered through the gap, her mascara dribbling down her pale cheeks. She looked like one of fading canvases from the chapel. Heidi held out a pregnancy stick with its proud positive markings. Outside, in the corridor, a nun rang the bell for afternoon service. Melissa wrapped her arms around her best friend. This would infuriate the nuns. Melissa smirked.

Jessica Patient is currently working on several short stories and is trying to write a novel. She has a blog here.  She lives in Bedfordshire, England.

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