Two thousand and nine

A Happy New Year from The Pygmy Giant!

Rather than resolving to go to the gym every week, give up chocolate, or stop stalking celebrities, why don’t you set an achievable goal instead, and resolve to write us a fine little piece of literature of under 800 words? As we do a quick stock take for the year ahead, we’d particularly like some more new British poetry, please. Sitting in the warm with a pen or your laptop has got to be one of the nicer ways to use your spare time in the winter.

So far, this month has in store a fine selection of flash fiction and non-fiction, notably from some first-time writers for TPG, which is exciting to see. So, write a post-it note to yourself to come back and read what we’ve got for you throughout January…

I think it’s probably time for another competition soon, too. And if you’d like to join our little Facebook group, do look us up. Yours expectantly,

The editors

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