Better than rubbish chocolate

Hi all, a belated welcome to December at The Pygmy Giant.

Today I received through the post a High School Musical chocolate advent calendar. The devastation of unwrapping this gift was surpassed only by opening the first three doors to reveal three shoddily-drawn black and white pictures of a snowman, a candle and what appears to be a Christmas pudding, momentarily hidden from view by D grade pieces of a chocolate-like substance, embossed with unintelligable pictures that didn’t seem to relate to the ones behind the doors. What glorious disappointment.

Well, The Pygmy Giant will offer you an antidote to High School Musical advent calendar disappointment in the run up to Christmas. Imagine, if you will, opening some little metaphorical doors to reveal, one by one, great new pieces by Jennifer Bell, John Ritchie, David Tait, Nick Allen, Bob Clay, Emma Lannie…

Sit down for a few minutes and enjoy advent. God speed, Mel.

PS Oh, and here is a proper introduction to our new editor, Sarah B. She read Pride and Prejudice at the age of 6. When we were about 16 we wrote a book together which involved a dragon called Keith. That may be all you need to know.

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