Come what May

Greetings everyone,

Firstly, The Pygmy Giant would like to apologise for the recent delays to this service; these are due to lots of bank holiday weekend train travel leading to very little time spent in a house.

Secondly, happy May! I live in Oxford, which is probably the only place in the world that actually celebrates the beginning of May with quite some enthusiasm.

May here has in store a lot of great new flash fiction from the likes of Peter Wild, Rosie de la Mare, and plenty of others. We would like to put out an appeal, however for something a little different…

TPG has never been very high on its non-fiction content, so for the month of May we would like to challenge you to put pen to paper (and fingers to keys) to jot down for us some true-life stories. What weird, or funny, or touching, or terrible, or thought-provoking things have happened to you or those you know? Craft them into a well told tale of under 800 words, and we’ll try to put them up during the month of May.


Mel for TPG

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