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by Angela Wright

“What attracts you to this job, Ms Adams, and what qualities would you bring?”

“The salary attracts me, firstly. It would enable me to sustain the standard of living I’m looking for. Qualities? Clearly, my level of physical attractiveness is high, and I know how to use this to my best advantage.”

“A good answer, Ms Adams. How do you see the company expanding under your direction?”

“I have a hands-on approach, you might say, in all my business dealings. Increased revenue tends to come as a natural consequence of my personal attention to the client’s requirements.”

“A clear, concise response, Ms Adams. Do you have any questions for us?”

“Yes. Will there be an apartment in the city?”

“Evidently you are a woman with well-defined priorities, Ms Adams. Impressive.”

Angela Wright is a middle-aged woman holed up in the Highlands seeking adventure and inspiration in the wilderness.


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