by Sammy Jay

Hey, wake up world!
Wake up and wipe that sleeping tear.
There’s a new kid here,
Seeing with the fresh eyes of a child.

He’s gazing West over the wandering sands,
Squinting to a point to point out Paradise and hold it in his hands.

He’ll never do the things that anyone with half a heart
Soldered after the painful operations of a life
To half a brain, churning the forces of their blood and lightning light of mind,
All know to be absurd.

Never fall under the post-post-post-post-modern hammer blows,
Blindly beating a cynic rune into every unborn throat.
Everything brave and delicate that cares, every heart that yearns to burn
For something, can find ease in knowing
That the new kids are making plans

To set out onto the streets,
To scan the headlines, eat peaches,
See the wars, comb the beaches,
To fly above the open wind of the open wilds
Fair skinned and precious as a child’s
Eyelid – to seek out the jokers of the pack
To take them, turn them true, and put them back.

There will be no time for an ironic smile
No time to laugh into your sleeve,
Let those that haven’t got the guts to actually believe,
Heaving through blue collar cotton apathetic human wastes
In the grey soup of a thousand average tastes,
Get out of the way and into the gutter,
We’re getting up and going for the stars,
Or somewhere – we’re going to count the universes by the sea –
So wake up world, I am the alarm!

Now is the time…this is it –
the absolutely vital
search for something to care about.

Sammy Jay is a first year English Student at Christ Church, Oxford, and is (wrongly) convinced that he is Shelley.

  1. #1 by Mel on January 22, 2008 - 8:15 pm

    lyrical, powerful, hopeful, superb.

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