The Girl You Love

by Emily McPhillips

A room filled with people is reduced to just the corner

And only what you can see without turning your head is in view

There is no noise

This all feels like a song that has been written perfectly, just for this time, right now

Each part of you feels like it is being touched


Her laugh is impeccably timed

The eyes know when to look, and when to dip

Just like the mouth knows when to pout, and kiss you


The details that she lingers on

Like the rain that starts to pour, only noticing it as it stops

Then hands will be held

And she’ll whisper something nice in your ear

And you’ll think that she is the kind of girl that men fall in love with

Emily McPhillips was born in 1985. She lives in Manchester. Take a look at her fanzine ‘Ministering to a Lunatic’ here.

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