I Love You

by Daniel Hill

It’s a feeling deep inside, so warm and true.

It feels so good and keeps me high,
And while thinking of you I constantly sigh.
No memory I have is more perfect,
then the time we sat in your car,
to watch the sun set.

I look into your eyes and realise that,
I stare into beauty of the purest form,
beauty is a complex word;
and I don’t think you have any idea,
of how beautiful you really are.

I want time spent with you,
to pass as slowly as possible,
to experience this feeling as long as I can,
knowing that in wanting this,
time actually speeds up,
leaving my thirst unquenched.

I just want to hold you in my arms,
and caress your lips with mine,
just to be one with you,
my soul has found it’s other half,
you complement me in everyway,
you complete me.

I’ve never felt like this before,
And my heart has never wanted anything more,
I have just one more thing to say,
I love you.

Daniel Hill is a writer from Bristol who is currently exploring the different types of writing that exist; including film, television, poetry and novels. He started writing poetry in 2004 after reading The Rose That Grew From Concrete and has won the only competition he has entered so far. Would probably be famous already if he weren’t such a procrastinator…

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