… are one of those things associated with Christmas. That’s all I’m saying. Not that you guys are crackers, no indeed.

On the other hand, there do seem to be some eccentric, bitter, call-me-Ebenezer, goodwill-is-for-idiots writers around at this time of year. Thanks to Richard Rippon for sending us a truly heartwarming tale of Christmas love and cheer (I’ll leave it to you to decide how sarcastic I am being on a scale of one to ten after you have read it. Watch this space). If you really want to be edified and filled with festive wonder, I recommend you check out this cheery offering by Ralph Gamelli at Monkeybicycle. It made me laugh. It would make Rudolph cry.

Us Brits do rather like to celebrate all the crummy things in life, but I am not a complete cynic. So please send us in some seasonal offerings to this yuletide season of The Pygmy Giant, merry or otherwise, and make our readers smile, laugh, cry, get depressed or do a little dance in their office and hug a stranger. Thanking you.

PS Why don’t we compile all the very worst cracker jokes that we are tortured with this Christmas? Send them in and we’ll make a list in the new year and celebrate their awfulness together.

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