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some pygmy guidelines

1. Please send your work within the text of your email message (we won’t open attachments in this day and age), along with a one-line biography. We’ll link to your own webpage if you want.

2. The word limit is 800 words or less. Even shorter works are often even better, and capture the Pygmy Giant ethos!

3. Please send no more than THREE pieces of work per email. Otherwise it will take ages to get back to you and everybody else. You can always send some more along another time.

4. We’ll accept flash fiction, flash non-fiction, poetry, rhyming prose, or whatever other random form of expression you can fit within the word limit.

5. If it’s vulgar, racist, blasphemous or unecessarily lewd, we’re not gonna publish it, mate.

6. There are no set topics unless we say so. Use your imagination. However, we do have a fondess for the British sense of humour and observations about life on our strange little island.

7. If it’s been published anywhere before, please don’t send it, we don’t want to get into copywrite trouble. The Pygmy Giant will not itself claim copywrite of your pieces (we are not paying you, after all), but if we publish one of your pieces and it later gets published somewhere else, it would be nice if you would add a footnote saying “first published in The Pygmy Giant“, or some such. Our web address would be lovely too. Thanks.

8. Leaving comments. Part of the reason The Pygmy Giant has been set up as a blog is so that readers can easily comment and give feedback or contructive criticism on each piece. Note the word constructive. Don’t slam anything unless you have a suggestion about how to improve it! Let’s maintain some good manners.

9. Bring your closet-writer friends!


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